The Copper Coast

Session 3a- Bedevilment In the Emerald Citadel

Part I

After having regrouped in the coastal city of Kourna, Roice, still distraught over the Settat village slaughter, felt it necessary to proceed to the Temple of the Sun, and speak with the High Priestess, Dar-Tigat. Feng, having heard about the vast selection of exotic and robust stouts and ales at a tavern, interestingly called, the Green Hag, hurriedly made his way there, promising to rendezvous with his allies at the Guild of Alchemists, later that afternoon. Aristos, feeling more than a bit jilted by the humans, made his way (with tight jaw) through the winding streets of the Emerald Citadel, to meet the two elves at the Guildhall.

After Aristos’ arrival, the trio had a late-afternoon audience with Wispin’s advocate and friend, Thaumaturge Yasiir-bet-Bassra. Lounging on a pallet of cushions, while reflectively fingering his hookah, Yasiir closely questioned Eldrin, just as he had, when Wispin first introduced them, a day ago.

It is revealed that Yasiir has seen other elves wearing garb, similar to that of Eldrin- but how can this be, as obviously, the young Tiefling is no wild elf? Eldrin hastily informed the mage of the kidnapping of his adopted wild elf clansmen, by the infamous Grey Runner gnolls, and how Aristos and the other party members had seen one group of gnolls heading towards the city.

Yasiir, after a moment of reflection, offered to have a talk with his “man on the street”. He would see if there was any information regarding slaves being smuggled into the city. His connection had ties to the less- reputable denizens to the Emerald Citadel. He simply asked for one consideration: May he have a single strand of Eldrin’s hair? Tieflings are a rare thing to see and it would humble their host if he was given this simple sufferance. Eldrin, much to Wispin’s silent misgivings, granted the Thaumaturge’s request.

Aristos let out a repressed huff, complaining about his damnable tooth pain. Wispin, always ready to scrutinize the potency of his compounds, immediately offered to whip up something to numb the High Elf’s pain and headed off to the guild’s workshop.

Their engagement, having lasted well into the evening, Yasiir reminded his guests of the city’s law: “All Outsiders, must find lodging in the Foreigner’s District, by nightfall- or be guests at a sanctioned location. Those found breaking this decree will be immediately arrested and brought before an Arbiter, who shall determine their guilt.”

Yasiir insisted that since the Alchemy Guild was one of the pardoned locations, his guests would give him the honor of staying in the apartments adjacent to his study. With directions to the sleeping quarters, Yasiir excused himself and retired to his quarters for the night.

At their host’s exit, the young Sorcerer immediately went to the adjacent room, flopping down on a palate of silken cushion. Aristos, his tooth still aching, tried to ignore the pain by perusing Yasiir’s massive collection of books and tomes. The last thing Eldrin saw, before falling asleep, was the Blade Dancer’s form, sitting near the study fireplace, his nose thrust deep into a hefty tome, while turning it’s pages softly.

Wispen, on his return to the upper levels of Yasiir’s dormitory, slowed his climb up a winding stairway, as he heard harsh whispers coming from an open doorway. Upon closer inspection, he recognized the Thaumaturge Yasiir whispering to a cloaked figure. The figure abruptly turned towards Wispen, with flashing eyes, causing Yasiir to glance down the hall. With hasty nod and flourish, Yasiir quickly closed the door to his quarters and Whispen heard the light “click” of a latch being engaged.



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