The Copper Coast

My Confession under the Sun- II

’My Confession under the Sun. Settat village is a pale shadow of the vibrant community Aristos, Feng and I found.

’Isolated and proud, we nonetheless found refuge. A simple meal and place to rest our weary heads was enough. This was short lived as gnollish Runners found our haven and sacked the innocent. Many died, most enslaved and the few remaining villagers tasked with rebuilding.

’Again, I dig another shallow pit for a dead Settatan. I try to give as much respect as I can as body parts and open flesh is tossed into the open ground. I am a target for curses, anger and sadness. I have had trinkets thrown in my face, sometimes spit follows after. I have lone members of entire families looking to me for guidance and grace. I stand in the fields, a target for these emotions, never stopping them, never wiping my face. I return to dig yet another grave, trembling from Red Dust withdraw.

’I have passed my spear onto Seffu, the young hunter and protector of the Settat. I promise to return to get it after my quest. He is in awe that the power of the Rising Sun has returned life to his bride-to-be. I want to laugh at the absurd nature of a Goddess who allows such death and sprinkles a tiny touch of Light to let us know She is All Powerful.

‘Before I can raise my fist and curse the Heavens, She grants me a weapon. Fills my heart with Light. I am still left with guilt and anger that wants to boil over. Thank you K’Rona, you evil witch! Your Touch will be the thing that bathes my hands in the blood of my enemies. I will stand side-by-side with these Outsiders, my friends and family, and lay waste to those who would enslave and kill. We will succeed or die! Either way, I offer you rivers of blood or my mauled corpse. Which do you prefer?’



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