The Copper Coast

Confessions Under the Sun

Thoughts of Roice Vandomere, Curate of K'Rona the Radiant

‘My Confession in the Sun; naked in body and mind before You. There is no denying the amazing feats of my friends. Feng, a martial expert that strikes as hard as a siege weapon. Aristos, whose twin blades slice with swiftness and accuracy. E’lauphann, an alchemist with more tricks than the hours of the day. And lets not forget Eldrin the Young, with crossbow that can harness mystic energies.’

‘So where do I fit in? I have none of the skills, talents, knowledge or tactical combat techniques that the others possess. I’m not even a real cleric and yet You continue to bless me. My hands covered in blood from my enemies and You show me your power. A foul beast created from the dark spiritual energies powered by a Lore-Shard sprang forth. We dispelled that evil, You giving me a sign of your vast power.’

‘Am I to be your Weapon against Evil? A Healer of the Hurt? My soul is still locked to my simple desires. Red Dust is a salve to my fear. You are making a mistake, Goddess of the Sun. I only know that I travel with ones I can call my family. I will protect them and fight by their side. Maybe You will give me a sign. I feel energies surge through me as I speak. But no message? I leave my doubt in your hands. Forgive me if I wander down the decadent path.’

‘Forever in Your embrace, Roice Vandomere.’



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